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Explore a glimpse of the world of Runeshard - our modern take on the single-player action-RPG genre. Fight dangerous monsters and collect the ancient runes in this early alpha preview of our upcoming game.

We will be updating the game with new content and bug fixes on a regular schedule. Your feedback and suggestions will shape the future of Runeshard.

We recommend installing via the awesome itch.io app

Frequently Questioned Answers

What am I supposed to do in this alpha?

The ultimate goal is to become the arena champion. Explore, earn gold, obtain runes and show off your skills in the arena.

What are these portals for?

You can teleport to the arena using the red portal. The blue one leads to a small variety of locations you can explore.

Is there a penalty for dying?

Not at the moment. You will retain all your gold, runes and items.

How can I make my character stronger?

Take advantage of the runes. Each one has a unique effect. Don't hesitate to use potions a lot. Use the lock-on.

Where can I find more runes?

You can earn shards by fighting on the arena and by exploring. Fuse them into runes at the altar in the Hub.

Why can't I equip my runes from the inventory screen?

You can swap your runes only at the altar in the Hub.

I am still dying a lot, what am I doing wrong?

Try a different rune combination, some of the runes are more powerful than others. Don't forget to stock up on potions. Some enemies will punish you for repeatedly hitting them try to watch for their tells.

The controls are not very comfortable.

The game was designed for playing with a controller. While keyboard controls are available they are rather clunky for our style of gameplay.

Where is the save game? How to start over?

The save game files are in


You can delete them to start over.

Where can I get technical support or report bugs?

On our Discord. Also check out our subreddit below.

Subreddit for feedback and discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/runeshardgame/

Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WeRHandcrafted

Check out our website: https://handcrafted.games

Install instructions

Run the game through Launcher.exe to get update notifications and to pick the correct resolution settings before launch. We recommend using the awesome itch.io app so you get auto-updates and other cool features.

If the game does not start, install both files from the redist/ folder.

You can get technical support from the devs on our Discord - https://discord.gg/3fPHzBf

Please rate the game using the rating system in the top right corner! (You have to be logged in to see it.)


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Version 1105 Apr 12, 2017